Are you interested in an alternative non-surgical treatment?

Clinical Studies indicate that 80% or more of those that suffer from common lower back pain can achieve relief from properly administered Lordex® Decompression and Lower Lumbar treatment programs and protocols.

The LORDEX® Lumbar Spine System is composed of two units: The LORDEX® Decompression Unit and RX-I Lumbar Extension Machine. This effective system helps rehabilitate many lower back problems, especially for patients with incapacitating or disabling lower back pain.

The LORDEX® Decompression is an amazing new decompression technology for lower back pain that clinically evaluates and therapeutically targets each disc space correlated with specific lesions.

The LORDEX® Strength Restoration Therapy System - RX-I Reconditions the lumbar Para-spinal musculature, by restoring and conditioning the stabilizing components associated with muscular support.